This quote is going to be very important in a little while!

    The desert has its benefits.

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    I wanted to delete this tumblr

    I was thinking about erase this tumblr and create a new one, because I wanted a new start and beginning one with a new perspective and not with some stuff that I am not proud of, was a great idea. But I thought and realise that God does not do that, he takes us as we are, and instead of throw us away and start again, he creates something new with what he has, us.

    So, It’s a restart of this tumblr. Enjoy it as I do.



    It’s a reminder of what’s happening and a reminder of what will happen. God make everything new if he wants, ourselves, our time, our home, our present. The time of the restart has begun.


    The world’s best guacamole recipe [Vegan]

    My precious food! I really really like Guacamole

    Una de la primeras cosas que Dios me vuelto a enseñar esta semana #Agradecimiento

    Grandes Cosas Dios hará #Reinicio14


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    Good fact to know and do

    I have to pick a motto, and this can be a good start for my own


    The beautiful Landscapes

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    Eat Healthy on a Budget

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    There are perfect meals, our duty is wanting them, looking for them and enjoy them

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