Who would say my coffee could be prepared in this way #Coffee #AcupOfCoffee #SiphonMethod

    …Now we are rewarding it”

    I saw this phrase until today and I intrigued me. It’s what I would call support and express you really care your values:
    “We value responsability, and now we are rewarding it”.

    When you stand for a belief or a value, you just do not have to say it or teach it, or worse, punish others for not to believe, you have to reward it.


    When you make things by hand it just takes a little bit longer. But we believe it’s worth the (sometimes long) wait when you receive a pair of shoes that you can cherish for decades.


    Pool | :.:

    If I choose a luxury for my new house, it will be this pool. Always cool!

    London is waiting…


    Guardian of the Galaxy spoilers 

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    What a shocking reflexion, look up for appreciate the opportunities that are out there. Challenge accepted… sort of.

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    Garrett Leight

    Por la fe Moisés, cuando era ya grande, rehusó ser llamado hijo de la hija de Faraón, escogiendo antes ser maltratado con el pueblo de Dios, que gozar de los placeres temporales del pecado, considerando como mayores riquezas el oprobio de Cristo que los tesoros de Egipto; porque tenía la mirada puesta en la recompensa. Por la fe salió de Egipto sin temer la ira del rey, porque se mantuvo firme como viendo al Invisible.
    (‭Hebreos‬ ‭11‬:‭24-27‬ LBLA)


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    Some day (rather some night) I will be able to do it in this way.